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My office represents employees that have been wrongfully terminated, discriminated against, retaliated against or have not received the pay due them. I have been practicing in this field since being admitted to the California State Bar in 1989.  I was plaintiff’s attorney in the 1998 California Supreme Court case of City of Moorpark v. Superior Court (1998) 18 Cal. 4th 1143, which extended the protection of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act to those workers injured on the job and who were either discriminated against or terminated because of their injury. Previously, a worker injured at work was limited to filing a workers’ compensation action which provided a limited recovery.  This case is regarded as one of the landmark decisions in the field of employment law in the State of California.  Employment cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis for attorney fees. 

Some of the cases I have worked on include the following:

     *   A $300,000.00 settlement for a police officer that was wrongfully forced to retire.

     *   A $150,000.00 settlement for the city employee who was wrongfully terminated

          after the Supreme Court  ruled she could sue in Superior Court and was not

          limited to filing a workers' compensation action.  This was the final result of

          of the Supreme Court case where the plaintiff was lucky enough to have found a

          better paying job after she was terminated.

     *   A $245,000.00 settlement for a city housing supervisor who was wrongfully terminated

          because of a physical disability.

     *   A $150,000.00 settlement for a city employee who was wrongfully terminated because

          of a physical disability.

     *   A $225,000.00 settlement for a county psychiatrist who was wrongfully terminated.

     *   A $265,000.00 settlement for a telephone installer who was wrongfully terminated because

          of a physical disability.

     *   A $150,000.00 settlement for a service rep. who was wrongfully terminated based on

          retaliation for complaining she was being treated differently because of her gender.

     *   Working with co-counsel a $1,350,000.00 jury verdict upheld on appeal for a district

          attorney investigator who was retaliated against and wrongfully constructively


I have also  been accepting family law cases since 1989 with a focus on easing the burden which frequently occurs during such a difficult and emotional time by caring representation and negotiating settlement whenever possible.  My office also has a sliding scale for family law attorney fees depending on a client's income as well as offering no interest payment plans for retainers.  

The family law matters I deal with including divorce, custody, support, guardianships, property divisions, restraining orders, grandparent rights and paternity matters.

For those clients who are able to work together and arrive at a settlement with professional help but without litigating and needing the assistance of the court, I can also provide mediation services in family law cases.  Please contact me and I will explain how mediation works.

The Law Offices of Maury Mills was selected as the 2015 Best Business of Ventura in the category of Divorce & Family Law.

Also, we received an award from Thumbtack for the year 2016.