Law Offices of Maury Mills


The Law Office of Maury Mills is a litigation and trial firm with an emphasis in employment law and family law. However, always being mindful of the emotional cost to a client of being in litigation, we try to settle cases out of court whenever possible.


The Employment Law Matters we handle include:

  Sexual Orientation Discrimination

  Medical Condition (Cancer) Discrimination

  Wrongful Termination

  Breach of Employment Contract

  Whistle Blower/Retaliation

  Civil Rights

  Wage and Hour Laws

  Employee Grievances (Union)

  Administrative Hearings

  Family Leave Act/CFRA

The family law matters we handle include:


 Marital Property Division

 Child Custody and Visitation

 Move Always and Relocation

 Grandparents Rights

The Probate matters we handle include:

Guardianships, both for those seeking

and those opposing a guardianhip

Conservatorships, For the person and for the estate, both for the proposed conservator (petitioner) and for the proposed conservatee. 

Juvenile matters we handle:

We represent a parent or parents who have had their child or children made wards of the court.

We work to either disprove the allegations of mistreatment or unsafe living conditions or if the allegations are true then we work with the parent or parents in cooperating with social services to address the problems so they can get their child or children returned to them.


  Physical Disability Discrimination

  Mental Disability Discrimination

  Americans with Disabilities Act

  Gender (Sex) Discrimination

  Sexual Harassment

  Hostile Environment

  Pregnancy Discrimination

  Race/National Origin Discrimination

  Religious Discrimination

  Age Discrimination

  Wage and Hour violations of the Labor Code


  Spousal Support (Alimony)
Child Support
Domestic Violence